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naszego bohatera to "zwiastuny szykującej się do nadejścia nikczemnej propagandy" oraz "nieposkromionego nacjonalizmu, który wypełznie z otchłani"?
Horror! Horror!

autor: ABCD, data nadania: 2007-10-11 08:34:09, suma postów tego autora: 20871


"Nasz bohater" może nie jest aż tak dosłowny, za to Kent Daniel Bentkowski [http://www.kentroversypapers.net/] pisze:

Of all the songs on Bedtime Stories, the one that portended the future to come in the most prescient manner, was the song called Liberty Lies. Sadly, THE LYRICS CONTAIN FORESHADOWED ECHOES OF THE MEAN-SPIRITED PROPAGANDA AND UNBRIDLED NATIONALISM THAT WOULD GO ON TO SLITHER OUT OF THE ABYSS IN THE WAKE OF 9/11:

“On the Cable News Network, a fireman sobs,
tears making tracks through the ash...
We’ve got Liberty Lies and refugees,
and big brass bands and amputees...”

Liberty Lies contains imagery of post-Reagan America; homelessness, televised religion, and that crazy nameless man who stands on the street corner shouting biblical scripture to the passers-by. In the distinctive style of a beat poet, Baerwald describes the scene in such perfect
terms, you can almost taste the urban decay:

“It's like I'm walking through Rome, tenements all torn apart,
Instead of Nero, we got Madonna; she's fiddling with herself...”

autor: Danny, data nadania: 2007-10-11 23:11:24, suma postów tego autora: 2


Bentkowski protestuje przeciwko propagandzie ale sam serwuje jej nieliche dawki.

autor: ABCD, data nadania: 2007-10-12 01:03:01, suma postów tego autora: 20871

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